We are a Community Interest Company, leading a new way to healing, evolving and sustaining. We offer Multidimensional Perspectives, Explorations, Solutions and Transformations,​ inclusive and outside of Belief and Traditional Paradigms.

Many of the real people we worked with joined us without specific changes in mind. From our groups based in Sunderland participants went on to engage with services, connect with schools and move on to access additional support, when before they were labelled as 'impossible to reach'. For those whose children were identified by the schools as in need of intervention, their parenting skills improved and their children presented attentive, clean and tidy, when before that was not the case.

"The children are like new and the parents even look at us in the eyes, chatting and smiling. The difference is astonishing."

The above quote is from teaching staff at one of the schools we worked from in one of the most deprived communities in the country. We have worked with and helped to catalyse positive changes within fellow humans whom mainstream provisions had abandoned or categorised as at the end of the road, or those individuals whom avoided interactions at all costs.

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We measured the distance some of our clients have travelled with us.

The changes they made.

​They are wonderful.