We are a Community Interest Company, leading a new way to healing, evolving and sustaining. We offer Multidimensional Perspectives, Explorations, Solutions and Transformations,​ inclusive and outside of Belief and Traditional Paradigms.

Previous Projects

In 2016 we connected with parents in three Primary Schools across Sunderland and also key Staff at Gentoo Living. We certainly spread love and evolutionary changes from small shifts to giant leaps. Check out our results page.

​Here's some words participants used to describe their explorations.....


"Life changing"

"Eye opening" 

"A Wonderful Journey"

BEYOND IDENTITY - Advanced Personal Development Workshop

Here’s what previous attendees have said;

“Mind blown!"
"Powerful stuff!"
"Eye opening and highly recommended!"
"Thought provoking and insightful."
"Looking forward to similar activities in the future."
"I was able to move forward from a behavioural reaction

pattern that has been with me since I was 15 years old,

I feel so much relief.”

This workshop is suitable for you if you want to -
•Stop repeating unhelpful behaviours
•Remove re-occurring negative emotions
•Discover real self esteem
•Boost confidence
•Expand your mind
•Explore your consciousness
•Experience an alternative perspective
•Overcome limiting internal states
•Open up a new life chapter
•Learn who you are not
•Boost your spirituality
•Invoke curiosity and imagination

Who we think we are with the mind, and who we actually are, often do not align or work in our favour, or help us to establish a more successful future self with life affirming patterns.

Our unconscious identities depend upon the roles we play, the depth of our perceived experience, the environment in which we occupy, the main emotions we witness and the childhood patterns we repeat. Getting all of this moving fluidly and in our favour, would historically require significant personal development and time.

At our most healthy, our identities are conscious, fluid and can propel us towards our dreams. Often however, they become stuck and limit our experiences and can prevent us from manifestation. Our effectiveness at creating the life we desire very much depends upon the identities we have aligned with unconsciously, the location of them in mental space, if they are fluid and transient, and if not, the age they became stuck and what they are still doing!

In this half day workshop (light lunch provided) participants are given the unique opportunity to uncover multiple insights, shift stuck emotions and align their identities into the present moment or near as is comfortable and into to a more useful space, thus ending some outdated patterns and the unhelpful results that evolve.

This workshop is content free and nothing of your story needs to be shared to anyone. Price includes simple one to one work, if required.

We will explore our true nature and the various dimensions in which we exist and time permitting, will travel onto the mental landscape and grab a snap shot of this parallel perception. This perspective is usually reserved for experienced yogis, spiritual leaders and mystics. From here you will embed a new and empowering view of who you really are and what is really going on with your life.

This workshop is open to all Earth Brothers and Sisters regardless of stage of consciousness and experience of inner or personal developmental work.

For ethics, health and safety, a confidential form must be completed and returned before the day, to assess suitability and to ensure those responsibilities are followed.

The experience is not suitable for trauma, moderate or severe psychosis or deep seated psychological issues. However, you are invited to discuss this further with us and with our help seek a letter of consent from your GP or mental health professional.

Please get in touch for specific dietary requirements. Meat and Vegetarian options will be served.

Concessions are available depending upon financial situation and are kept confidential for your comfort.

We have raised enough funding for one free place and will require a suitable reference and a referral from a Charity or another Social Service.

We also invite you to join us as we video your feedback, with the intention of creating a 1-3 min video clip of words that all of our participants have spoken to describe their experiences before and after the workshop.

Whilst this website is being updated, most of our activity occurs on Facebook.

We have events occurring and projects evolving all of the time. Please find us on facebook for more up to date projects

Wild Woman Waking

"Thank you for being you. You're like a gateway, an opening to let us see the true strength and reality that is life, with all it's wonder and power. Exciting times" Jill, Whitley Bay.

It takes effort for us women to balance our vulnerability and  power with love and awareness, whilst also keeping in alignment with our guts, and hearts and minds.

Many of us still struggle to be authentically confident, and self loving, self assured and assertive in balance. We have multiple demands placed upon us and often limited resources for self sufficiency, independence and real leadership. Without the vision to witness the flows of power or a shared reality to convey subtle emotion in our interactions, we can suffer. Some women want a process to lead our selves and awaken to our truths and a new way of moving beyond the myths and stories of our time. With our Wild Woman Waking groups we lead a new paradigm of family, community and personal evolution.

​Join us and discover what happens when we come together to uncover forgotten archetypes, explore an astral landscape or relax so deeply we float about our bodies. Maybe we just chat and connect. Our format is flexible and our destination is diverse. Linking in with The Rod of Light Lodge in Newcastle Upon Tyne, you will not have experienced anything like this before.... ever!

​This is a seriously special project designed to awaken enlightened females everywhere and is reshaping our realities from the inside out.

This is the ultimate of projects, exploring the advanced teachings of Metaphors of Movement.

For more information please click on our Training and Development tab or visit the below link