We are a Community Interest Company, leading a new way to healing, evolving and sustaining. We offer Multidimensional Perspectives, Explorations, Solutions and Transformations,​ inclusive and outside of Belief and Traditional Paradigms.

 HSHA - Highly Sensitive, Highly Aware Individuals are real.

Some of us just are. We feel feelings in our bodies and perceive things others often don't even notice. Extreme emotions are physical agony for the HSHA human. When I say I feel gutted, I literally mean the pain in my abdomen is akin to having my guts ripped out and without remedy, I am likely to die!!​ (Or turn to drugs, alcohol, self harm, even suicide.)

​Professionals and family members may not understand the severity of my emotional suffering, particularly if their primary bias of experience is rules based, attachment orientated, or if they are burden bearers. Worse still if they think consciousness only exists inside their heads or that my mind and body are separate systems within my skin! Only other human beings who physically feel emotions in their bodies and who perceive subtle shifts in room vibes or states of consciousness would understand.

Often HSHA people notice the flows of power and how others blindly wield it, they witness things in people that they themselves cannot see.  HSHA individuals also grabble with words to try and explain their truths in a culture  and society that does not allow for their existence at a deeper level. There are no words  that they can use when communicating their deepest experiences with people whose primary bias is different. This can be both isolating and dangerous. 

HSHA people have an awareness out of the perceived reach of most, they directly experience connection and intimacy as a fundamental reality, at the level of one-ness, the place of interconnectedness of everything that is.

​HSHA humans have a hard time fitting in, because society is not structured for the likes of them. Being intimately connected with everything that is, may well be an evolutionary trait, but sadly and currently, we are  either medicated, sectioned, fall into 12 Step fellowships, other recovery programmes, or if we are lucky, Occult and Magickal Orders. Jesus was sacrificed and witch's were burned! Magicians were born magicians, HSHA people were born HSHA.

​HSHA humans often stray to the dark side, for those of us who have cultivated balance, we have a responsibility to shine. Outside of belief.  That is important.

​​​Higher Effect is HSHA

"Maybe I manage on a glass or two, or bottle of wine a day, Maybe I take Prozac or smoke cigarettes.  Maybe I become a psychic clairvoyant who hallucinates auras and spirits. Or perhaps I just withdraw and isolate as the hermit of history. Us people find odd ways of coping with life, searching or numbing. Some of us get stuck as mental health service users, dependant and labelled. Some of us workaholics, some constant complainers, some power stealing competitors, some habitual TV watchers. For me, I believed the dream that I had an incurable addiction and was a clinically depressive, self harming suicide victim with bouts of OCD and bulimia!!! Imagine the quality of my life living inside those narratives. I am grateful for spending a life time searching for solutions and new directions to move away from such things.

​However we live our lives, up until now we have had to adopt strange beliefs to keep us safe and secure. Whether these beliefs are big ones about religion, separation, tradition or about incurable diseases, life long mental ailments and how different you are from me. They are beliefs none the less, and they stop me from perceiving anything they are not..  Higher Effect has many routes out of suffering, so do the other groups we work with. Higher Effect works beyond and outside of belief. That's why we get results. Beliefs are like bubbles, they keep us separate and prevent us from connecting into reality. 

Speaking about identities, they are fluid, like our thoughts. If they get stuck, we end up suffering, if we think our identities are who we are, we end up suffering. I can act with unconditional love as a mother,  cooperation as a worker or with compassion as a friend but those identities are not who I am. I can do obsessional but I am not an obsessive. I can act in gluttony but I am not gluttonous. The things we tell ourselves after the words "I AM..." shape our realities for better or worse. If I am a thing, then I am closed down and shut off from an array of alternative possibilities and opportunities that are not that thing.

​Higher Effect is about helping us become the very best versions of who we are outside of belief and into our true nature and real identities. We are global brothers and sisters, evolving, being, blossoming and creating.​ I am a thriver, I am an expression of consciousness dancing in duality. If my identity says I am surviving, then I will only just survive. Surviving is good in the beginning, but for the rest of my life?  If my identity says I am depressed, then I am going to act and think and feel and say and do depressed. Change my identity, change my reality. This is the beauty of IEMT. Change where I stand and my suffering is often left behind, this is the gift of Metaphors of Movement.

​​The truth remains for me, I have none of my old suffering anymore, mostly because I chose Higher Effects services (MoM and IEMT), but also because I live with mindfulness, meditation, creative expression and the freedom to explore the metaphorical realm using the advanced teachings of Andrew T Austin. Today I am free from all of the stories I was given by society and professionals and others who believed the dream they were taught. Today there is a new way, a new opportunity of healing, direction, perspective and movement. Freedom from suffering is there if we want it. Outside of belief and inside of space." ​​