We are a Community Interest Company, leading a new way to healing, evolving and sustaining. We offer Multidimensional Perspectives, Explorations, Solutions and Transformations,​ inclusive and outside of Belief and Traditional Paradigms.

What is Authentic Spirituality?

​Spirituality is more than words can describe because only experience can describe it and only those primed to witness spiritual traits or ways of being would even know to know it. I think actually and in todays reality, spirituality is not what it used to be. It has nothing to do with belief and more to do with a state of being. A state of blissful being, outside of belief and the process required to allow for this transcendence. It is not what we do in the dream, it is waking up as the dreamer. It is a process as we move towards the Truth. We are the dreamers, and this is the dream.

​Remembering Carl Sagan's flatlanders, actual spirituality would be the freedom to explore and experience an inner and higher dimensional reality, currently out of the perceived reach of the people in that time. Like a view of the astral realm or if you believe in Christianity, a perspective from Heaven. I imagine only those humans who have this deeper experience of reality, who can 'Dance with the Gods' would know actual spirituality. For most of us, it is a wonderful journey towards an enlightened way of life, an expanded consciousness or state of pure love.

​Authentic Spirituality or Enlightenment, does involve accessing another spacial dimension of experience inside of space and time, and exploring and understanding what that means for us today and how we can use this perspective to create peace on Earth.  Without this, there is nothing new to be added, no new level of consciousness to be witnessed, no new perspective to create new solutions. Mr Einstein knew our global problems could never be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them.

A shared global spirituality and totally unified pathways to enlightenment, without belief, are happening. They do not exclude anyone or anything, and correspond and harmonise with all of the worlds knowledge and truth. This means todays modern spirituality and pathways to enlightenment are experiential, scientific and in alignment with everything that was, is and perhaps will be. There is no longer a gap between science and spirituality and we now live in a time where beliefs prevent solutions, connections and progress.

Spirituality and Belief

Spirituality and belief are opposites. As soon as I step into a judgement or a belief and then assert my opinion whilst inside of this bubble, I alienate anyone who is not in here with me and will create conflict. Peace keeping, negotiations and conflict resolution are not possible from this location because we are separate and not connectable at an intimate or shared level of experience. We have enough historical evidence and a continuing global perspective on what happens when beliefs clash. We can already see the current carnage, when leaders of whole countries operate from within beliefs.

Beliefs separate humans. Beliefs are not harmonising, unifying, unconditionally loving, connecting, intimacy creating, evolutionary, advancing, sustainable, solutions focussed or progressive. Beliefs do not represent equality, fairness, balance, integrity, diversity, cooperation, trust, wisdom or truth.​ Walking authentic and true spiritual paths require the bursting and evaporation of beliefs. Otherwise people and things are excluded and unity is not achieved. 

There are many people who claim spirituality and who lead more vulnerable humans astray. Authenticity requires continuous discipline, objectivity, balance, integrity, stability, consistency, love, contentment, emotional serenity, rationality, practice and the ability to function outside of belief. Working within belief to lead others is neither unified love or spiritually minded.

Todays spirituality is certainly multidimensional, experiential and involves a process of moving through and out of belief. Inside of belief I am delusional, operating in this way prevents me from seeing others clearly, it stops me from witnessing solutions, it keeps me separate from everything that it is not and it creates conflict with things outside of it. Belief is a boundary that renders global harmony and peace impossible. Every paradigm on the planet has assumptions and beliefs underpinning their structure, including science (see the consciousness course link at the bottom of this page), unification and global harmonisation can only occur outside of these.

We can learn how to have movement, perspective, direction, freedom and alignment, in all 4 dimensions of space,