We are a Community Interest Company, leading a new way to healing, evolving and sustaining. We offer Multidimensional Perspectives, Explorations, Solutions and Transformations,​ inclusive and outside of Belief and Traditional Paradigms.

One to One Skype Sessions can be booked.
Session lasts for 2 hours

My name is Suzanne and I do most of the work around here. My title is  Inspirational Change Catalyst. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and, an advanced practitioner of Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Metaphors of Movement therapy, an Emotional Intelligence consultant and neurolinguistic specialist. I am also a genuine, open and friendly type.

I have always believed that the services I provide have historically been available to those who can afford them. Higher Effect was established three years ago to bring this level of amazing healing to those in the most need.

​Don't miss out, if you aren't local and cannot visit us in person, please see below.

​​" I like myself, I have turned my life around, what a difference!" Tonya, Bedlington.


Higher Effect and it's representatives remain at the forefront of change work and continuous personal, professional and spiritual development. We are all fully qualified in our areas of expertise and adhere to strict policies, ethics and codes of conduct.  


Our services are unique, sophisticated and effective at creating suitable changes for you. Words will always fail to capture the life changing and awesome. You have to experience it to know it. We can show you rapid or slow ways to healing, freedom and movement. What ever inner resource you need more of, we can help you achieve it.

​If you are fed up of suffering, tried everything else on the market and still remain stuck, then please get in touch. You don't have to share anything at all really, but can still experience freedom from inner torment and suffering, regardless of (mild to moderate) diagnosis and what others have told you about your recovery. At Higher Effect, the limiting/restrictive stories  of other institutions or people have no place where we work. You are neither broken, nor in need of fixing, sometimes we are given the gift of perspective from locations currently unexplored. Until now healing was flat or 3 dimensional, at Higher Effect it spirals and dances in 4 dimensions and dips and swoops down to less!

​Connect with us and together we will get you moving and experiencing the life you desire. So whether you want to avoid or move towards; a thing or goal or quality or dream or whatever... our ways include and transcend NLP, hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, TFT and other alphabet therapies.

At Higher Effect, we have blended the best scientifically verifiable change techniques to create effective and permanent results.


More client feedback

​Clients have testified to an array of profound shifts in their behaviours, the ways they think and how they perceive life.

“ When I came to a session, I really didn’t think it was for me. If I could rate my satisfaction higher than 100% I would. My life is amazing now .”

"I have thoroughly enjoyed every step of the journey."

“I am cheerful with energy"

"I am thinking new empowering and positive thoughts without trying, it's amazing"

“Thank you so much for changing my life and showing me the truth of who I am and what I can really achieve ”

“ I used to think life was hard and community wasn’t important. Life is a journey, it's for living and I can succeed.”

“ I couldn’t relax and was never confident. Now I am confident and I can relax”

“ I like how I feel now and I like how far I’ve come.”​​

​"Oh my, Oh God, what just happened? I feel actual joy now" Clair, Sunderland