We are a Community Interest Company, leading a new way to healing, evolving and sustaining. We offer Multidimensional Perspectives, Explorations, Solutions and Transformations,​ inclusive and outside of Belief and Traditional Paradigms.

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Last Monday of the Month - The 4th Dimension of Space - Explained - Explored - Experienced

This is totally new and never seen before.

It is the reason we get amazing recoveries, emotional and mental health turnarounds and healing beyond your belief and without any required at all! This is an educational talk and demonstration, not healing.

Every last Monday evening of the month is the public's opportunity to enjoy an educational and brief presentation about the objective reality of the 4th dimension of space using simple mathematics and thought experiements.

A real life demonsatration, which you can volunteer for, as a member of the audience, experiencing this actual 'invisible world' and the difference between this, the imagination and delusion. This 4D space has nothing to do with beliefs, supernatural oddities or anything religious.

Followed by an overview of global trends and patterns which exist in the minds of us all and how these can be utilised to generate freedom from suffering.

Then a question and answer session.

Light refreshments provided. Concessions available. Booking advised to avoid dissapointment and to enhance your experience.



We are a progressive and evolutionary enterprise whose mission is to spread the truth about who we really are, our true potential and how our emotional and behavioural health will exceed current belief.  We work with community groups and private clients to create profound changes in identity, reality representation and ultimately freedom from inner suffering and emotional torment. We also boost executives, professionals and non suffering types who seek to be the best versions of themselves.


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